Sunday, May 11, 2008

To Wed a Highland Bride

To Wed a Highland Bride by Sarah Gabriel (2007)

Description: Noble warrior James MacCarran has no desire to venture onto the thorny battlefield of marriage. But his grandmother's will issues an ultimatum - marry or forfeit his rightful inheritance - and now he must find a bride. Only the most ravishing woman could make it worth his while, but when he meets Elspeth MacArthur, she is nothing like he anticipated. Yes, she is beautiful, luminous really, but there is something mysterious about this lass...

Reluctant to leave her Highland home, Elspeth must keep an astonishing secret when unexpected circumstances force her to marry. But as an unseen threat draws even closer, about to reveal the truth of her life in the mystical Highlands, she soon realizes that her only haven is in James' passionate embrace... and that carries the greatest risk of all.

Review: A somewhat strange historical romance/fantasy. The story was interesting and very much bathed in faerie lore. I didn't really know that it had so much to do with faeries and when I started to read it, I was a bit confused. The characters were interesting, but not really fleshed out too much. The romance was a bit fast, but in the end it turned out not too bad. I would only recommend this to people who don't mind fantasy and/or a whole lot of faeries in their romance.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

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