Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Highland Angel

Highland Angel by Hannah Howell (2003)

Description: Sir Payton Murray's reputation as a lover is rivaled only by his prowess with the sword, yet it is the latter gift that has captured the interest of Kirstie MacIye. Fleeing a murderous husband who left her for dead, she vows to expose the man for the vile scoundrel that he is. She also knows it will take planning, cunning, and the help of a brave, arrogant, and willing champion. Kirstie only prays that Sir Payton will accept her challenge.

Risking the ire of his own clan and hers, Payton nonetheless cannot ignore Kirstie's desperate plea or her captivating beauty. For he knows that nothing will deter the spirited lass from bringing an evil man to justice, even if she must do it alone. Joining her on the crusade, he embarks upon a dangerous quest against a powerful enemy only too eager to destroy them both.

Review: This is one of Howell's more disturbing tales. I was finally glad to have a story revolve around the dreamy Sir Payton. This was not was I was expecting at all. The characters were most interesting, but the background story was just too much for me I confess. Also, the fact that Kirstie could not get over that Payton would really like/love her because he was so good looking was begiing to drive me crazy. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book due to the background story. It is not something everyone really wants to read about.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

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