Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Highland Honor

Highland Honor by Hannah Howell (1999)

Description: Nigel Murray saw through her masquerade from the first: a young woman trying to pass herself off as a page It almost worked - until she was unmasked in battle with the English, at the pint of a sword. Recklessly Nigel saved the raven-haired beauty whose secrets now endangered them both He spirited her off to Scotland, determined to erase the terror he tasted in her kiss.

Gisele knew the dark side of men, having barely escaped the brutality of her highborn husband, Lord Deveau. Now, with Deveau murdered and a price on her head, she was every man's prey-hunted for a crime she did not commit. Nigel is her only refuge, a handsome stranger who challenged her with a fiery sensuality that burned all fear in its wake. But to truly trust him, Gisele must put the past behind her, and let her heart accept the simple truth... of his undying love.

Review: Trying to flee what he feels is unrequited love, Nigel finds himself in France and then helping the beautiful Gisele. This is a somewhat dark story that ends up having a good ending. Although it was a bit creepy that Nigel does end up with a woman who looks like a sister of his brother's wife (who he thought he was in love with). Do not let the darkness of the underlying story pull you away. This really is a great read worthy of a look.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

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