Thursday, May 22, 2008

Highland Champion

Highland Champion by Hannah Howell (2005)

Description: Liam Cameron is certain he's died and gone to heaven when he opens his eyes to the angel before him. But the pain that wracks his body proves he is still earth-bound. Keira Murray MacKail saved Liam's life - and he has some enticing way she would like to thank her. Soon, lust gives way to a feeling much more profound for a woman whose battles he wants to fight... though he fears the most difficult one will be for her heart...

Keira quickly learns that Liam has danger chasing him. As her healing kindness frees him to tell his tale, she confides the trouble that plagues her: she is a laird's widow now responsible for saving a small village pillaged by cruel invaders. But even as Liam makes the crusade to reclaim her lands his own, he will face a far greater challenge to win her trust - and her love - for all time...

Review: This has to be one of Howell's most wordy books out there. Not a whole lot of action goes on but there sure is a lot of tongue wagging. Not to mention Keira's most interesting healing ability that leaves her ravenous after using it. The only thing that really irritated me (besides the wordiness) was Keira's utter lack of trust in Liam. It really was wearing me thin. Not one of Howell's best, but not a bad read.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

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