Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hikaru No Go Volume 4: Divine Illusions

Hikaru No Go Volume 4 (2005) by Yumi Hotta

Description: Another tournament is underway. Three members of the cutthroat Kaio Go Club face three members of the budding Haze Go Club. As tensions rise, the antagonism between both teams culminates in a telling match between Akira and Hikaru. Who will win? Which team will win? Even if the answer surprises you, the ensuing drama won't.

After the excitement of the tournament, there's nothing left for Hikaru and Kimihiro to do... except learn how to play more Go! In the process, Hikaru finds a way to let Sai play all the Go his fluttering heart desires without everybody and their mother pointing and staring at Hikaru. Find out what Hikaru discovers in this volume of Hikaru No Go!

Review: So this installment is basically the ultimate tournament and then the aftermath. Even though Hikaru is defeated, he still wants to keep on playing. He does discover something... the internet. Now Sai can get off his back and play all the Go he wants. It was pretty intense during the tournament. I have to say that Akira is a little freak. Not that being a freak is bad, but he is a bit odd to say the least. I am still enjoying this series and can't wait to read more.

Score: 4 out of 5

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