Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hikaru No Go Volume 2: First Battle

Hikaru No Go Volume 2 (2004) by Yumi Hotta

Description: With sure and steady moves, Sai and Hikaru are making a name for Hikaru Shindo as the one who might possiby beat the venerable Akira Toya. Wait. Who are we kididng? Hikaru: sure and steady...? Yeah, right! In between all the shenanigans Hikaru gets himself into during school and aafter, and dealing with Sai's unhappy sobs when Hikaru tries to run away from playing Go, his fame is grwing. Principals, teachers and Go tournament kids alike are all wondering who this unruly bronco foal Go player is. Tetsuo, a Shogi punk who had a beef of his own with Akira, harasses poor Hikaru at frist - then later puts him on his own Go team! Meanwhile, Akira, looking for a rematch with Hikaru, is surpised to find Hikaru playing with a third-rate Go club. You won't be disappointed with the further adventures of this dynamic Go duo!

Review: In this installment, Hikaru is getting more and more into Go. He is now in a Go club and competing in a tournament. It is interesting to see how the character of Hikaru is growing. He is getting a little more confident and tries to make plays on his own. I am intrigued with the Go culture and enjoy reading about it. The characters are written well and make me want to read more.

Score: 4 out of 5

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