Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hikaru No Go Volume 3: Preliminary Scrimmage

Hikaru No Go (2005) by Yumi Hotta

Description: Akira is beginning a new school year at Kaio Middle School. With his daunting reputation as the Toya Meijin's son, Akira fins he must prove himself to more than a few mean and jealous classmates. And with the help of upperclassman Yuri Hidaka, Akira finds the confidence to persevere in his hunt to beat Hikaru. Meanwhile, Hikaru is having a hard enough time just trying to find a third teammate to play in the Haze Middle School Go Club. A possible teammate arrives in the form of Yuki Mitani - but will he join their club or continue to swindle old timers for their pocket change?

Review: We continue to follow Hikaru in his goal to find a third member for their Go club. His passion is very interesting. For a person who really didn't like Go, he sure is determined to play in the tournament. We are introduced to Yuki, who is playing Go for money. Although he gets what is coming, has he really learned his lesson? I continue to enjoy the character and humor of Yumi Hotta. A really fun and great read.

Score: 4 out of 5

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