Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dragonfly in Amber

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Description: (From Publishers Weekly) This immensely long, compulsively readable sequel to Outlander follows time-traveler Claire Randall and her 18th-century Scottish husband, James Fraser, to the court of Louis XV in 1744, as they seek to forestall the disaster due to overtake the Scottish Highlands at the battle of Culloden Moor the following year. Having learned from Claire about the forthcoming disaster, James, the son of a Highland chief, gains Prince Charles's friendship in order to subtly sabotage Jacobite efforts to raise funds for an invasion of Britain. When James is banished after dueling with his nemesis, Jack Randall, ancestor of Claire's modern-day husband, he and Claire leave France convinced they have accomplished their purpose. They settle back in Scotland, looking forward to peace, only to learn of Prince Charles's landing in Scotland and his signing of James's name to a declaration of the Stewart right to rule, effectively forcing the couple to the Jacobite cause and a fate they are unable to prevent. Portraying life in court and hut and on the battlefield through the eyes of a strong-minded, modern participant, Gabaldon offers a fresh and offbeat historical view, framed by an intriguing contemporary issue of Claire's daughter's paternity.

Review: What a great book. I seriously could not put it down. Yes, it was very large and kinda scary to look at (size wise), it went really quickly. I think I finished this one in three days. The story was really great but heartbreaking. Gabaldon has me totally engrossed and I need to read more. I am now waiting on the next book in the series, Voyager to come to the library. I will not be satisfied until I have read them all. I will admit that Dragonfly is not really a romance, but regular fiction. I think the Outlander series is really worth a look at. I know I'm glad that I did.

Score: 5 out of 5

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