Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wicked Intentions

Wicked Intentions by Lydia Joyce (2008)

Pages: 296

ISBN: 9780451225672

Description: In the aristocratic society of Victorian London, Esmeralda is well-known as a woman with a gift. Her skill at sculpting truth from rumor has been taken as proof of the power of her visions. but when she turns her interest to the family of a skeptical viscount, the stakes quick rise higher than even she anticipated.

Thomas Hyde, Viscount Varcourt, has been followed by whispers of murder ever since the death of his older brother. He greets Esmeralda with suspicion and scorn, but their first confrontation swiftly leads to an erotic battle that neither can afford to lose. As their growing passion binds them to each other, they discover that their darkest serest are entwined, forcing them to face their pasts-and their very present enemies.

Review: Thomas Hyde does not like that Esmeralda, the latest spiritualist/charlatan in society, is using his mother for her personal gain. He needs to discover what she is planning and who she is working for. Emmaline/Esmeralda is doing what she must to seek the revenge against the one who wronged her the most. When Thomas confronts Emmaline/Esmeralda sparks fly and he will learn the answers to his questions and lose his heart.

This was a dark, shocking book. The premise was interesting, but the story itself is much more dark and disturbing. There really wasn't much romance, but just disturbing sexual situations. There really didn't seem to be much chemistry between the characters either. The plot was too thin and felt just like filler in between sex scenes. I was not impressed with this story and do not recommend this book.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

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