Friday, January 30, 2009

A Bride for His Convenience

A Bride for His Convenience by Edith Layton (2008)

Pages: 371

ISBN: 9780061253676

Description: Unless he fins a wealthy wife-and soon-Lord Ian Sutcombe will lose everything. Left deeply in debt by his foolish father and greedy stepmother, his only hope is to marry for money.

Stung by a suitor's cruel betrayal, Hannah Leeds, daughter of a prosperous merchant, wasn't sure she'd ever love again. So when her father arranges her betrothal to the handsome lord, she agrees.

It was no more than a marriage of convenience. they would honor and obey, but never love... until a simmering passion exploded into a sizzling affair. Now, with Hannah socializing with members of the ton and another man out to win her heart, Ian will do everything in his power to show Hannah she is his ecstasy his desire fulfilled... and oh so much more than a bride for his convenience.

Review: Ian Sutcombe needs a wife... a rich wife. He is in such dire straits that he is willing to oeverlook his pride to marry below his station as long as his future wife comes with a large sum of money. Hannah Leeds is lonely and thinks she is in love. After she is cruelly disappointed, her father arranges a mariage for her. Ian must choose between three heiresses to secure his position in society. After two horrible meetings, he had begun to lose hope. When Ian and Hannah meet it doesn't take long for them to come to an agreement. Before the wedding Ian busys himself with rebuilding the family homes. Hannah is fascianted by her soon to be husband and begins to long for him as she slowly comes out of the fog she is in. After marriage, the two become closer and Hannah soon realizes she loves her husband. Her happiness is short lived as someone from her past suddenly reappers into her life and might ruin her chance for true love.

This was a sweet story, but it lacked a real emotion. It seemed to take forever to even get to the wedding and the rest of the story. Too much time was spent on the time before they married, than on the marriage itself. Once the characters are together, they didn't seem to have much chemistry. It was hard to imagine that they actually did love each other as little time was spent on the time they were together. All in all a slow read that has very little emotion.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

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