Monday, January 12, 2009


Ravished by Amanda Quick (1992)

Pages: 385

ISBN: 9780553293166

Description: There was no doubt about it. What Miss Harriet Pomeroy needed was a man. Someone powerful and clever who could help her out the unscrupulous thieves who were using her beloved caves to hide their loot But when Harriet summoned Gideon Westbrook, Viscount St. Justin, to her aid, she could not know that she was summoning the devil himself.

Dubbed the Beast of Blackthorne Hall for his scarred face and lecherous past. Gideon was strong and fierce and notoriously menacing. Yet Harriet could not find it in her heart to fear him. For in his tawny gaze she sensed a savage pain she longed to soothe... and a searing passion she earned to answer. Now, caught up in the beast's clutches, Harriet must find a way to win his heart- and evade the deadly trap of a scheming villain who would see them parted for all time.

Review: Harriet has a problem... someone has found her caves and is using them as a warehouse. Her simple solution is to contact Viscount St. Justin to take care of the problem as they caves are actually his property. What she didn't count on is the Beast of Blackthorne Hall coming to the neighborhood. Once Harriet discovers the history behind Gideon, she is not quite sure she made the right decision to bring him back. In the process of discovering the thieves hiding their bounty in the caves, Gideon and Harriet end up having to stay the night in the caves and become engaged the next day. Gideon does the honorable thing and engages himself to Harriet. Will Gideon actually go through with the wedding (his last engagement was terminated by him) or will Harriet be ruined forever?

An interesting story right from the start. The characters were well written and you really felt for them. As usual, Quick gave us a most interesting story with humorous antics thrown in the mix. I really did like this pair and was on the edge of my seat turning the pages to see what would happen. This is one of Quick's better works. A must read for Amanda Quick or historical romance fans.

Score: 4 out of 5

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