Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street, Book 1)

Someone to Watch Over Me by Lisa Kleypas (1999)

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0380802309

A temptingly beautiful woman awakens in a stranger's bed, rescued from the icy waters of the Thames, her memory gone. Told that she is Vivien Rose Duvall, one of London's most scandalous beauties, she finds herself under the protection of enigmatic, charming Grant Morgan. Her life is an his hands. Deep in her heart, she knows he has mistaken her for someone else...

As one of London's most eligible and unattainable catches, Grant Morgan is a man who has known every kind of woman. And the one in his arms now seems so Innocent, so vulnerable, that he can't help but be enchanted. And as his love for this mysterious beauty grows, he's determined to unravel the secrets of her past and discover the truth no matter what.

Review: I've always been interested in the Bow Street Runners and it was interesting to see a romance about them. This was another heartfelt story from Kleypas. I really felt compelled to keep reading and I needed to find out what happened. The characters were well developed and the story was great. A must read.

Score: 4 out of 5

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