Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let Sleeping Rogues Lie (School for Heiresses, Book 4)

Let Sleeping Rogues Lie by Sabrina Jeffries (2008)

Pages: 371

ISBN: 1416551514

Description: When Madeline Prescott took a teaching position at Mrs. Harris' School for Young Ladies, it was to help restore her father's reputation. Instead, she's in danger of ruining her own. The devilishly handsome Anthony Dalton, Viscount Norcourt, has agreed to provide "rake lessons" to Mrs. Harris' pupils so they can learn how to avoid unscrupulous gentlemen, and Madeline is to oversee his classes. She has always believed that attraction is a scientific mater, easily classified and controlled - until she's swept into the passionate desire that fiercely burns between her and Anthony. Nothing could be more illogical than risking everything for a dalliance with a rake - even one who's trying to behave himself. Yet nothing could be more tempting...

Review: Anthony will do just about anything to get Mrs. Harris to allow his niece to enter her school. He agrees to teach "rake lessons" with the assistance of Madeline, who suggested it. Even though they have just met, there is an instant attraction between them. They also do more than plan lessons in her office. Although Madeline hides much from Anthony, he keeps coming back for more. I really felt bad for him. Not only did he have a bad childhood, but then the woman he loves ends up using him for her own ends. For the most part I liked the characters, I just felt that Madeline was a bit annoying. Overall, not a bad read. I would definitely recommend it if you have started the School for Heiresses series.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

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