Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Thee Wed

I Thee Wed by Amanda Quick (1999)

Description: It isn't easy making a living as a lady's companion when one possesses a sharp tongue and an original mind. That's how Emma Greyson has gone through three such positions in six months. but penning her own reference and hiding her spirited nature behind a pair of spectacles won't keep her out of trouble for long.

Her latest post requires her presence at a tiresome country house party, where the cream of London society has assembled, and where it's downright impossible to avoid the advances of lecherous gentlemen. On one particular night, Emma has no choice but to duck inside a wardrobe to hide. Shockingly, the space is already occupied - by none other than the legendary Edison Stokes!

Stokes may rule his business empire with a steely hand, but he doesn't have the heart to deny the desperate request of an old friend. That plea has sent him on the trail of an anonymous thief who has stolen an ancient book of arcane potions. He suspects his quarry is among the party's guests - and he knows the villain is on the lookout for a highly intuitive woman on whom to test a certain elixir. A woman like Emma.

Aware that she's in danger, Edison resolves to keep an eye oh her by employing her as his "assistant." But he soon discovers what several previous employers have learned the hard way. Hiring Emma is one thing, getting her to follow orders is quite another!

For Emma, the new post brings exciting challenges, including unexpected passion, and chilling danger. But when murder strikes, she realizes the awful truth. unless she and Edison devise a scheme to outwit the merciless killer, she could forever lose the man of her dreams - and ever her very life...

Review: Another interesting read from Quick. I discovered after reading this novel that it was actually should be read before Lie by Midnight. I think I liked this one even more than Midnight. I enjoyed the secret society and other historical aspects. As usual, Quick has great wit and a good mystery. A most definite fun read.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

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