Friday, March 14, 2008

Everything and the Moon

Everything and the Moon by Julia Quinn (1997)

Description: Seven years ago he left her all but ruined...

Victoria's father had told her an earl wold never marry a vicar's daughter, and he was right. Robert had promised her marriage, then danced off to London while she suffered the shame of a foiled elopement. But even though Victoria doesn't particularly enjoy her new life as a governess, when Robert offers her a job of a different sort - his mistress - she refuses, unable to sacrifice her honor, even for him.

But Robert won't take no for an answer, and he vows to make her his, through any means possible. Can these star-crossed lovers learn to trust again? And is love really sweeter the second time around?

Review: This is basically a story of love at first sight gone all wrong. If it could go wrong for these two, it did. I did enjoy the story, but some of what I read was sort of out of character. If you are looking for a nice story about love at first sight, then this is for you. A most definite pleasant read on a lazy day.

Score: 3 out of 5

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