Monday, March 31, 2008

Highland Conqueror

Highland Conqueror by Hannah Howell (2005)

Description: Lady Jolene Gerard is running out of time - each moment she remains within the walls of Drumwich Castle she is in jeopardy. Her only chance lies with a prisoner chained to the dungeon walls, a Scotsman who, in return for freedom, helps Jolene and you young nephew escape her cousin's deadly snare. Pursued by murderous villains, Jolene is prepared to fight for her life. But in the arms of rugged Sigimor Cameron, she soon surrenders her heart...

He was too late to save the Englishman to whom he owned a blood debt, but not the man's lovely sister. Stunned by his desire for the spirited English lass, Sigimor presses them on to safety, his enemies in dogged pursuit. And while sweet desire speaks a thousand words, the secret they long to share remains locked in a battle of stubborn pride. But when saving Jolene from his enemy leaves Sigimor no choice but to make her his wife, a bargain born of passion can only be sealed by the kiss of true love...

Review: From the very beginning of this story I was absolutely captivated. We start of with a prison break and the action never stops. Another interesting aspect to this book are the relationships between the English and the Scots. Not many of Howell's books have them mix quite so nice. The character development was great and the story kept me turning the pages. A really great read.

Score: 4 out of 5

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