Monday, November 26, 2007

Hellsing, Volume 3

Hellsing, Volume 3 by Kohta Hirano (2004)

Description: Vampires! Nazis! Bloodshed! Action! Add to that a healthy helping of sleek style and an exotic locale, and you have Hellsing volume 3. Our scant troop of vampire-killing vampires and mercenaries are planning a little trip beautiful South America, in search of th elusive Millennium Project, and old Nazi organization with very secretive origins. it's the start of a war, and only time will show how nasty this war will become. But one thing's for sure, the vampire Alucard will make sure it gets off to a fitting start.

Review: The series continues as we follow Alucard and Co. to South America where things really get bloody. This series is definitely going in a direction that I would not have thought of going myself. I find it very interesting and really can't wait to see where Hirano is taking us. These books are not for the squeamish, but I really do like Hirano's style. I continue to enjoy the story and am interested to see where it is heading. A must read for vampire and manga lovers.

Score: 4 out of 5

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