Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Reckless by Amanda Quick (1992)

Pages: 371

ISBN: 9780553293159

Description: Phoebe Layton had always imagined Gabriel Banner a brave and valiant knight, which was why she went to him when she was in desperate need of help. but when she lures her shining knight to a lonely midnight rendezvous, Phoebe finds herself sparring with a dangerously desirable man who is nothing like the hero of her dreams. She fears she's made a dreadful mistake when Gabriel sweeps her into his arms and passionately embraces her. Yet it's a kiss that seals her fate. Now Gabriel must possess her—even if he has to slay a dragon to do it!

Review: Phoebe is on a quest to locate her stolen rare volume of a mideaval story. She enlists the aid of the one man who can help her - Gabriel Banner. However, she doesn't want Gabriel to know who she is as her family was involved in his financial ruin. Gabriel is entranced by this mysterious lady, but when he finally discovers who she is, he begins to plan revenge. After being in Phoebe's compay, his plans for revenge begin to change to more permanent ones.

While the story is something that interests me and I usually like the heroins from Quick's novels, I just did not like Phoebe. I did enjoy the dry humor of Gabriel's character, but it was not enough to save this novel. The plot was somewhat thin and the fact that the main character was unable to use reason was more than annoying. Not one of Quick's better stories.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

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