Friday, April 4, 2008

Only For You

Only For You by Hannah Howell (1995)

Description: As wild as the rugged north county where she was raised, Saxan Honey Todd has sworn to avenge the murder of her twin brother. Recklessly, she gallops across the English countryside in pursuit of the man she believes to be his murderer: Botolf, Earl of Regenford.

As hard and unyielding as the armor he wars in battle, Botolf is irresistibly drawn to the impetuous beauty who has come to wage war against him. Saxan stirs his passion to the point of madness... but to love her would be madness indeed.

Now, as a desperate enemy stalks him and the greensward runs with innocent blood, Botolf brings Saxan to his castle... as his bride. But Saxan needs more: to fight by Botolf's side and triumph over the danger that surrounds them - as the beloved mistress of his very heart and soul...

Review: I have mixed feelings about this story. I did enjoy the overall story and the characters, just some things were a bit strange. The way Botolf and Saxon got together seemed forced and almost rushed. It seemed a bit strange to me. I think what was even more bizarre was the youngest sister. Perhaps if she was aged somewhat older I would have believed what her character was to be, but I think Howell went a bit too far with her. Overall, not a bad story, just not one of Howell's best.

Score: 3 out of 5

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